21 Rules

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The 21 Rules of This House cover just about every situation common to young children and teens in the home. The goal in using these “House Rules” is to clarify for everyone what is pleasing and displeasing to Mom and Dad, regardless of their moods, and to administer appropriate discipline, without anger, in response to any willful defiance. It’s amazing how quickly children and teens can come around, once parents become consistent.

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What is “Wisdom?”


Through wisdom a house is built,
And by understanding it is established;
By knowledge the rooms are filled
With all precious and pleasant riches.
Proverbs 3:3-4

 Noble Institute attempts to bring the light of biblical wisdom to every path of life in every Season of Life.

Our primary goal in every event is bring people to an awareness of their need to be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ. “He who wins souls is wise.”

But we accomplish our evangelistic goals most effectively by developing and presenting “wisdom” on topics that everyone can benefit from:

  • marriage enrichment,
  • family lifestyle design,
  • child training,
  • delight-directed study,
  • home education,
  • creativity & problem solving,
  • time management for families,
  • home/family business and
  • wise decision making, to name just a few.

Our practical material in each workshop or conference session opens hearts and minds to receive God’s answers to the other, deeper and more important needs everyone has for forgiveness and reconciliation with God and with one another.

Each topic makes it easy for believers to bring their friends and family members to each event.

Business owners can bring their entire staff without fear of offending them.

The membership of entire local churches and Christian schools can attend and benefit together in one interesting and effective weekend of inspiration and instruction.

So, what is “wisdom?” Wisdom is the ability to see how one thing relates to another in God’s purposes. The truth is, everything really does “work together for the good of those who love God.” When we trust Him enough to actually obey Him, we begin to see more of the glory of God in our circumstances.

Ponder that for a moment.  Then contact me to come and speak for your event. I am at your service.



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