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Images created and copyrighted by Andie Jael @ AVisualAnthology.comFor 2015 I intend to focus my attention primarily on men and the issues that men face today. My topics will press in on the issue of honoring one’s father and becoming an honorable man by doing the kinds of things that honorable men do, like honor God, keep their word, provide for their own family, put in a good day’s work for a good day’s pay and balance the interests of their family, work, church and community into a good life that earns the respect of outsiders.

If that sounds good to you, you may contact me directly via email to inquire about hosting me as a speaker for your church, school or conference.

Keynote #1: The Basis for Good Moral Character
Can we produce good moral character in ourselves and others by means of education? If so, how? And if not, why are we educating?  What can parents do to raise up kids who have a heart for doing what is right in a world that seems bent on doing so much that is wrong? And how can we become the men and women that God intends for us to be?
• Keynote #2: The Seasons of a Man’s Life
Many people live with a disjointed and disconnected understanding of the big picture in life. How should marriage and family relate to the larger community?  In this session we will attempt to connect the dots to see how one thing relates to another in God’s good and wise purposes.• Keynote #3: Giving Honor to Whom Honor is Due
Honor is not flattery, or praise or even a compliment. It is a debt that we owe to others who have earned it. Honor is actually a matter of moral justice. So, who should we honor, and how should we honor them? You may be surprised at the answer, but you will certainly be inspired.

• Workshop #1: A Yearning Fulfilled: Delight-Directed Study
Physical Hunger, boredom, loneliness & meaninglessness are in fact God-given appetites that hold forth to us the promise that each one can and should be fulfilled with a feast that satisfies. Within God’s good and wise purposes, each form of hunger is actually our invitation to that feast. Come and dine!

• Workshop #2: Tiny Businesses for Families

Dad & James (age 14)

Dad & James (age 14)

In this workshop we will look at how parents can instill entrepreneurial stewardship and financial literacy in their kids simply by starting and running a “tiny business” in their “live/work space” (i.e. your own home). For a personal example, check out Roosevelt’s Terrariums in Portland, Oregon.) In the process we get to enjoy a higher level of real engagement with our neighbors and perhaps even launch a new generation of employers to help employ the millions around us who cannot see all the amazing opportunities around them.

• Workshop #3: Personal Leadership for Everyone
Forget about “time management.” Instead, aim for “personal leadership” — the ability to boss yourself around and get yourself to make the most of your time. This is THE most important skill our kids could ever learn! In the process we may launch a new generation of business, church and community leaders who will go out and set goals, make plans and take actions that turn others to God.

• An Hour With Theodore Roosevelt
(Recommended for an evening Keynote or banquet)
1000509261001_2043784697001_Theodore-Roosevelt-Sagamore-HillThe 26th President of the United States was a sterling example of what it means to DO Hard Things for the glory of God and the good of others. Having to overcome weakness and illness as a child, Roosevelt “made his body” by exercise and developed his mind throughout his life by delight directed study. He was a self-taught scholar of history and natural science from an early age and a prolific reader and author. What is less known is how his father’s own example inspired Theodore throughout his life to embrace “the strenuous life” and to be “the man in the arena,” who could ignore his critics and press through to true moral greatness. For this humorous, educational and deeply inspirational 60 minutes, I will become Theodore Roosevelt, remaining in character in historically accurate 1904 presidential attire, to tell his true story and to make “a few observations” concerning the challenges and the opportunities facing us today.
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